We present you a series of “Meet the Winner”

We would like to present an interview with Mariam Kubusidze, Executive Director of Georgian Events, the winner of nomination “THE BEST MICE TOURISM AWARD” in the Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards 2017, who will share with us the experience of participating in our project and tell us about the future plans of the company.

  1. Tell us about your company and the values it pursue? From where the idea of creating your company/project did come?

The idea to establish Events Management company emerged in 1998, when different companies from foreign countries needed conference services and other distinguished services which they could not receive from the touristic companies.

The corporate values of “Georgian Events” are teamwork, protection of client’s interests, social responsibility, and to operate in the market in accordance of business rules. 

  1. What is the feeling of being qualified as the best in this nomination? Recall the moment when the name of your company has been declared from the stage. 

Of course, it is a feeling of pride and more responsibility, because at the moment everybody is looking at your company and you should not come down of the quality what your company offers to the market. 

  1. Tell us about your future plans?

Updating infrastructure, bringing innovative techniques and attributes to the Georgian market as in 2003 it was our company “Georgian Events” that has marketed innovative infrastructure and therefore we have no right to disappoint our customers.