New space for wine lovers!

“Vineria” represents a multifunctional, museum-like, lecture-style, ethnographic space that delivers information and practical activities which demonstrate the history and modern trends of Georgian winemaking to the full extent.

At our venue the visitors will have the opportunity not only to get familiar with, but also to become a participant of a visual presentation of the traditional methods of wine making, as well as to be a part of other programs demonstrating the process of production of a variety of Georgian traditional products.

The area combines museum informative as well as the ethnographic and gastronomic courses. The exhibits from Mtskheta Archaeological Museum related to winemaking and viticulture are presented here, we do also have an actively functioning lecture dedicated area, where educational and scientific seminars are being conducted for the society interested in wine related topics almost on a daily basis.

“Vineria’s” Wine Bar – Restaurant offers its visitors the modern interpretations of the unique and old Georgian cuisine and delicious dishes well-matched with wine. Our venue can also host business lunches as well as various types of other events, such as conferences, presentations, dinners and etc.

You can also find the largest choice of Georgian wine and high alcohol content beverages at the “Vineria’s” wine selling area.

Working hours: 11:00 – 23:00
“Vineria” LLC, 2 Baratashvili Street, 0105 Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone: +995 595 34 33 88