Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards continue developing friendship between Georgia and Armenia!
Armenia TourInfo Magazine is an International Media Partner of the Project for the Third year already!

Wherever we travel, we try to find a brief guide to get around. Since 2003, TourInfo has been the first Armenian magazine which aimed to help tourists travel around Armenia easily and quickly. Not confining its activities to the state, or the nation, with its widespread network that extends even to some countries, TourInfo, as a free travel magazine, updates all visitor-related events, the country’s history reviews, special columns on art and culture, cuisine, places of interest and beyond.

Today, TourInfo delivers a vast array of tourist services including advertising, online guidance and support, information delivery, so on. It has fully embraced the sectors progress being the pioneers in the field. There is no any random service as all are carefully selected to meet our customers’ needs and possible expectations while spending their holidays in Armenia. TourInfo is a kind of an ambassador of good will for Armenia, and the way it greets and serves the visitors helps to determine their vacation experience.

In 2018 TourInfo celebrated its 15th anniversary. More than 200 guests including previous and current partners, friends and a number of officials directly or indirectly representing the field of tourism (ambassadors, ministers, representatives of the City Hall, etc.) were present. This was an unforgettable evening which proved that having a great circle of friends is one of the reasons why it has been successfully working for a decade and a half.

After choosing Armenia as your next travel destination, don’t forget to have Armenia in your pocket!