WTG! Rubric – #MeettheWinner Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel

  • Mrs Debra, Could you please tell us more about yourself? What was your motivation inspiration to start your carrer in hospitality? Tell us the story of your proffesional road.

My hospitality journey with the Radisson Hotel Group starts working as HR Manager for the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront. Then I decided to gain further knowledge and experience in the Protea Hotel Group in Cape Town managing the Protea Hotel President. I returned to the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront as a General Manager in November 2013 till May 2018 before continuing my journey to the Park Inn By Radisson Nevsky St.Petersbourg Russia. In March 2019, I moved to the beautiful city of Tbilisi Georgia, where I currently work as a General Manager of the Radisson Blu Iveria.

My main motivation to work in hospitality industry is that I strongly believe in company’s culture, ethics and the commitment to grow and develop people. If you have people working for the hotel that are passionate and they truly love what they do, they in turn will ensure to create memorable moments for every guest that stays in the hotel. I joined the hospitality industry because of my passion to deliver an excellent guest oriented service.

  • Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel former Iveria, is kind of symbol of independence and development of Georgia, what was the rout like, how was it al lcreated?

To start with, the building of the hotel was built during Soviet government as the premier luxury hotel under the name of ancient kingdom – Iveria. In 1992, As a result of the war in Abkhazia the hotel became a refugee camp for about ten years. It was until, Silkroad Group reconstructed the hotel and gave it new life. Completely rebuilt as a modern luxury business hotel, managed by the Radisson Hotels group it  reopened in 2009 as the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel.

  • What are the challenges facing your company?

Driven by growing customer expectations related to standards, excellent service and customized personal experiences, the hotel industry is facing a vast set of challenges. Many Branded Hotels that started operating during these years understand the true value of guest satisfaction. With grown customer expectations, we always try to ensure that our guests enjoy a truly memorable experience by offering them excellent service quality with our Yes I Can! attitude.

  • Tell us about your future plans?

As one of the leading global hospitality company, Radisson will continue to  provide personalized, professional guest service and Genuine Hospitality in With its focus on total guest satisfaction.

  • How would you asses tourism and hospitality industry of Georgia as a tourist?

Tourism in Georgia has been growing rapidly over the years. Georgia is a place that has long absorbed influences from eastern and western culture. The Capital of Georgia – ancient and charming Tbilisi balancing modern approaches with tradition is the perfect destination for every traveller wishing to discover hidden gem on the edge of Caucasus Mountains. Outstanding 4-seasons nature, delicious Food and mix of different cultures are the leading motives for tourist to visit Georgia.

  • What was your motivation to take a part in National Tourism Award Project and what does it mean to be a winner?

National Tourism Award is one of the main and successful project of Tourism industry. It provides an excellent opportunity to promote, encourage and recognize achievements across the travel industry.