Significant News for companies that use express shipping services from and to Georgia

World’s largest logistic company UPS is expanding its services in Georgia and offering UPS Airfreight service for shipping heavy express cargo to and from Georgia to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

UPS has officially opened UPS Airfreight service in Georgia in February, 2019 which is a GREAT NEWS and opportunity for companies in Georgia facing problems in logistics and shipping heavy cargo from and to Georgia as using UPS service their problems are going to be solved.  As at UPS they say, they love customers who have problems, as UPS is always there to solve them and let the customer love logistics too.

How UPS can do it ?


  • Serves more than 9.8 million customers
  • In over 220 countries and territories
  • By utilising more than 249 of our own jet aircrafts and 298 charters
  • Connecting through more than 720 airports
  • With UPS fleet of almost 123 000 delivery vehicles
  • Under the watchful eye of 481 000 proud UPSers
  • With 72 billions of revenue, that’s proof for being reliable and risk-free
  • Being among the world’s most ethical companies
  • Constant development.

And it’s not the complete listing of the values and strong sides UPS has. So, don’t miss out chance to put UPS in your work and have this opportunity to use the best, reliable, fastest service and accordingly better serve your own clients!

Contact information:

Tel: +995 32 2 745 144