Within the framework of “Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards”  and Georgian Wine Company “Marani Khetsuriani” establishes Special Award for the Best Creative Work of the Year on Georgia “KHETSURIANI TROPHY”.

To participate in this contest it is necessary to send an audio-visual or any other form of creative work, which will deliver a message on Georgia effectively and with great creative taste: it should exactly demonstrate the main value of the country and what the country itself represents. The nomination is also open for groups, web sites and social pages who promote the country with visual material. This should be a kind of a “message to the world” about Georgia.

For registration please follow the link: https://wtgawards.com/?page_id=36575 

The deadline for delivering /sending the material is August 31, 2019.

You should send materials to the official email address of “Welcome to Georgia” info@wtgawards.com in the visual form, for example, “vimeo” link, youtube link, or web site and social page link etc., or bring it with a memory card at the following address: Bambis Rigi 7, Business Center “Mantashev Rows”, 3rd Floor, 0105, Tbilisi, Georgia. Tel: +995 591606999


Efficiency – it means, how much popularity and awareness the creative work already has within the foreign audience;

High professionalism of performing the creative work, which does not exclude participation of non-professionals, i.e., from the participant it is not required to have a professional education. The creative work may be done by a beginner or an amateur, but at high professional level.

The jury consists of the members of the Permanent Jury of “Welcome to Georgia”, as well as, of the invited professionals from different spheres: cinema, theater, marketing, tourism industry, etc.

Every year the Award itself will be a surprise – it will be determined considering who the winner is and the thing which may be the most valuable one for his/her creative activities.

Additional information:

History of “Marani Khetsuriani” started in Lechkhumi and Kutaisi yet back in the 19th century. In 1998, Shalva Khetsuriani, who is the founder of the Sommelier Association in Georgia and Tbilisi Wine School under this Association, reestablished the business of his ancestors. Currently “Marani Khetsuriani” owns vineyards in Kakheti and Lechkhumi.

Along with the National Wine Agency, “Marani Khetsuriani” is the financial supporter of Nana Jorjadze’s movie “Prime Meridian of Wine”, which has helped to increase popularity of Georgia as the homeland of wine.