Trend News Agency


Trend News Agency was founded in 1995 as a private media outlet in Azerbaijan. It is a news provider in the South Caucasus, Iran and Central Asia.


Trend News Agency increases its marketing opportunities and improves the system of providing services to customers, simplifying their access to Trend information products.

Trend as much as possible takes into account and satisfies the demands of the modern audience Representatives of the public sector, business, transnational corporations, professionals of various profiles are aimed at obtaining specialized news and analytical content, both local and regional scale.

In today’s intensive news streams, it is very important for professionals to have access to reliable sources of information.

Only appealing by reliable sources of information allows professionals to save time and minimize risks in their activities, the success of which in the modern world determines the management of information flows and the possession of the necessary information and analytical data. All the work of Trend is based on these criteria, which the modern audience is oriented to.

Trend News agency has completely switched to new technology platforms, which allows Trend to provide users with all its information products online.

In particular, Trend News products and specialized newsletters (monitoring products) are provided online.

Just click on several options, and the order will be immediately issued and sent to the addressee.

Trend offers 12 online monitoring products in Russian and English.

In particular, an order in the online system can be issued on the following monitoring information products:

Azerbaijan Monthly Business Monitoring, Azerbaijan Weekly Business monitoring, Caspian Building &Logistics Monitoring, Azerbaijan Energy Projects Review, Caspian Oil & Gas Trend’s, Weekly Tenders Report, Regional Finances, Iran Review, Central Asia Economic Outlook, Azerbaijan Industry&Agriculture Review, Azerbaijan Monthly ICT Monitoring.

Monitoring products represent competent research in such areas as politics, business, oil and gas, transport and logistics, finance and banking in Azerbaijan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

It became possible to subscribe to all products online, as well as access to the monitoring database starting from 2017, which helps to conduct economic research based on numbers and facts, hundreds of thousands of comments and expert opinions.

As a result of the introduction of new technologies over the past 6 months, Trend monitoring products have become available on the largest international online news aggregators.

International companies, TNCs, banks, various organization buy news through the mentioned Internet news aggregators.
Today all informational products prepared by the experts of Trend News Agency could be accessed by the most important players of the international markets.  As a result, Trend has become even stronger as one of the main providers of news from the South Caucasus, Iran and Central Asia for influential participants in the global market.