Hotel Business and Product Consulting


The constant pursuit of beauty is a natural characteristic of a human. The harmonious combination of interior and exterior elements, the unified and sophisticated style of space is a trend of modern design.

The work of modern interior designers around the world drives tourism industry to high culture. For example, hotel business design plays a key role in hotel success.

Modern design-architects’ activities and tourism industry competition growth increased the demand on the interior and exterior products with EU standards, high safety and  special variety styles. Accordingly, on worldwide market appeared products and brands that meet these requirements.

Due to the variety of brands the selecting of high quality and international standard products is very difficult process and only product consulting can simplify this hardest process. Product Consulting is a recommendation service making process for searching, selecting and price budgeting of the defined products.

Hotel Business development in Georgia makes projects relevant to the cost-effectiveness,  to the quality and to compliance it with EU standards implementation. In order to avoid interior/exterior modification, reconstruction and renovation in the short time period, it is very much important proper product selection. Georgian company – Hotel Contract Georgia(HCG) operates exactly in this direction. The Company offers hotel business representatives Product Consulting & Procurement services.

Except Hotels, HCG offers procurement planning and procurement of the materials to the medical and educational centres, commercial establishments and public places. This type of service helps varios field organizations to increase their products/services quality, safety and ecology.