Georgian Wine Museum

Georgia is an ancient hub of wine culture, as evidenced by a continuous tradition of eight thousand years of wine culture. Accordingly, on the world map, Georgia is marked as the homeland of wine. Due to the worldwide importance of this fact, on the initiative of the company “Meidan Group”, in the historic district of Old Tbilisi, a Georgian wine museum will be opened, a space where wine and related historical, religious, mythological or life exponents will tell the museum guests the ancient history of Georgian wine.

The “Georgian Wine Museum” will be the first museum space in Georgia dedicated specifically to wine and show the history of its centuries-old existence. The main task of “Meidan Group” is to show the visitor the cycle that started eight thousand years ago, which has reached modern Georgian reality and continues to exist, in a short time.
The museum will be housed in the historic Caravanserai building, an underground, arched city located at the lower level of the river. It should be noted that this area is an untouchable historical find and few people had ever visited it. One of the halls of Wine Museum is a surviving part of the XV-XVI century.

The Georgian Wine Museum will feature various venues including tasting, conference, mythology, interactive, wine exhibits and Tbilisi venues.
This project is another interesting initiative of the company “Meidan Group”, which will promote popularization of Georgian culture and make it more interesting for any