Tskaltubo Plaza !

Tskaltubo Plaza is the only hotel in the region that offers world standard service to the guests. Everyone knows that Tskhaltubo is an ancient city with lots of charm, though we must definitely highlight the green landscaping and the healing opportunities that this city offers to its visitors.

The location is ideal for both locals and people visiting the city; its exterior facade creates the perfect tandem with the environment in which it is located. The modern look of the hotel does not violate the holistic visual chain of the city, perfectly combining the old architecture of Tskhaltubo.

Hotel Tskaltubo Plaza itself has existed for several years, and during this time it has won a well-deserved place among the most visited holiday destinations in Georgia.

There are 75 different room types in Tskaltubo Plaza that provide the visitor with a free choice. The hotel also has conference rooms in two different sizes, for very different profile meetings. Guests can also spend evenings in the indoor restaurant and on the outdoor terrace with great views.

As part of stabilizing Tskaltubo as a balneological resort, the Plaza has its own contribution and offers its guests a variety of body repair procedures.

Most importantly, the hotel is constantly updated, and this summer was no exception – an outdoor pool was opened in just a few weeks, taking its place on the list of favourite places in Tskaltubo and its neighbouring towns.

On April 19, 2019, the most influential business award ceremony “Golden Brand” , organized by Global Idea and The FINANCIAL, took place in the hotel Hotel & Preference Hualing Tbilisi. Tskaltubo Plaza became the winner of the nomination “Hotel – Number one Golden Brand” 2019.

This decision, made through the research by 100 experts and 2,000 interviewees, fully reflects the reality that today’s Tskaltubo Plaza creates for the hospitality business in our country.