Julius Meinl and The Bridge Hostel present!


International Coffee Day event titled: “Words From the Heart With a Cup of Coffee”

On October 1, Julius Meinl Georgia decided to celebrate this day.

We intend to get you out of online communications for one day and bring you back to the world of living relationships.

The modern man really forgot a pen, our words somehow became shorter for each other, relations were worn out and cooled and these relations turned into likes and emoticons, but people are much more, contain more and deserve more.

Who did you receive the last letter from? Or do you have any manuscripts that you keep up to date? There is no family where even a single manuscript is not kept as a sacred relic, a manuscript that has the scent of our beloved one …..

This is how our ancestors wrote and put soul and heart in lines.

You’re given the chance on October 1st – to become the author of a tender manuscript that your loved ones will forever keep as a souvenir of sincere feelings,
Join us! Let’s celebrate International Coffee Day together on October 1st.

Address: Rike Park, under the Peace Bridge.