Stay in the heart of Tbilisi and BE PART OF LEGEND

King Gorgasali Hotel – Luxury Boutique in OLD TBILISI

Art Deco Combined style with Luxury & Georgian touch makes special hotel interior. King Gorgasali Hotel with interior details, Hotel name, style and concept make space as a Hub of art & Georgian culture.

King Gorgasali connects Hotel Location with history & legend.  Ideally located in old Tbilisi, just a few steps from Metekhi St. Virgin Church, Narikala Fortress, which is in a short distance away.

The main touristic attractions, part of History, Georgian Culture are collected in the old district of Tbilisi. The area is most popular for all travellers according to the charm of the area.

Sulfur Bathhouses – we Georgian’s called-,, Abanotubani” which are fed by natural spring waters. Near to this place you will find Balneological Resort,, Tbilisi Spa” (became operational in 1938, here were working the elite of medical professorate) Resort does not have an analogy in the world. The similar resort – capital in ten world is in Budapest and Baden-Baden. The centre provides treatment and rehabilitation.

From the Superior Type of rooms you can find the river ,, Mtkvari” view which is the most beautiful part of the city and spreads Tbilisi on both sides.

Hotel Has 30 comfortable rooms with a modern interior which is oriented to create comfortable private space for each guest. Art Deco elements & special furniture makes a stylish design in the room. Warm atmosphere, attentive staff, Georgian Hospitality & amazing view it’s a mark of the Hotel.

,, We’re ready to dedicate our time to each guest and create an unforgettable time for them. We consider opinion of every guest & feedback is important part of our Strategy” – hotel King Gorgasali (General Manager -Julia Mgeladze)

The hotel has Different room categories for all kind of segment like Business, Corporate, Leisure, Family.

King Gorgasali Hotel has wine degustation service in,, Wine Bar” with sommelier service & amazing atmosphere.

It’s one of the enjoyable place for all guests to celebrate important occasion.

Wine Bar might be special meeting space for official & non-official gathering. They are offering instead of water,, Wine” as a welcome drink for your guests.


The hotel has a Georgian chain restaurant,, Somoni”  which is famous in the city and got Tourism award in 2018.  Also, remarkable information that in TripAdvisor First Chain,, Sormoni” got #1 Place – with best reviews;

One of the most magnificent things in Georgian Hospitality is a special tradition of Georgian feast, named,, Supra”. You will be amazed by the unique aroma of the dishes and national sweets like,, Churchkhela” , Pelamushi” ….
Part of Georgian Food Tradition,, Khinkhali” which has own eating rules:

-,, Bite me, slurp me, gobble me down”

King Gorgasali Hotel has own Khinkali Showroom & they are offering,, Khinkali” Masterclasses to their guests. For Georgian People food, making process is part of the pleasant and memorable moments, they are trying to dedicate unforgettable moments to guests;

King Gorgasali Hotel,, Khinkhali” Showroom offering -Georgian dumpling, which originated in the Georgian mountain regions of Pshavi, Mtiuleti, Khevsureti. Varieties of Khinkali spread from there across different parts of the Caucasus.

Hotel King Gorgasali Oriented on Different occasions: Groups, individuals, private events, official parties, corporate parties, weddings etc…

Hotel Staff is always ready to Show You real Georgian Hospitality & You’ll stay in the place where is borne legend about Tbilisi City.

From Hotel Terrace – guests will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the unforgettable and magnificent views of Old Tbilisi. In case of necessity, the Hotel can arrange corporate or private parties with different Live Music or wedding parties.
Just decide to celebrate your important day and professional team will create Special Day for You.

Management team paying attention to Hotel Safety & Security – That’s why they got one of the valuable Certificate from Sweden – SAFE HOTELS (According to Global Hotel Security standards)

They paying attention to every single detail which makes happy each guest & they love to return back at KING GORGASALI HOTEL & feel yourself in own Kingdom & at the same time feel like home.