Adjara Hospitality Group

Awarding Parthner

Adjara Group Hospitality is the largest and the most rapidly-growing holding company in the hospitality sector of Georgia in both quantitative and qualitative terms. From the very beginning, Adjara Group Hospitality team aimed to set industry leading standards through accelerated growth, employee motivation, and dynamic development.
Adjara Group Hospitality currently owns and manages 3 hotels in Georgia: Holiday Inn Tbilisi, Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, and Rooms Hotel Kazbegi providing over 600 jobs in total. Aside from ownership of hotels, the company specializes in progressive and extremely efficient management practices through its seasoned and top rated staff within the scope of the hospitality industry. The company plans to open and manage Crowne Plaza Batumi (Resort hotel, with 170 keys) in the second quarter of 2017 and open InterContinental Tbilisi (with 250 keys) in the fourth quarter of 2016.