Discover Georgia, Tbilisi

Awarding Parthner

In every neighborhood, city and country, there are people who love to travel. Every second on earth, every minute of every day and night, there are many people leaving their home to experience the adventure, joy and happiness; To meet the new people from different cultures, regions and religions.
In 2011 we found Discover Georgia: A small travel company that works with passion, generates love and spread happiness. We are based on the beautiful city of Tbilisi, located at the Republic of Georgia.
We help our customers truly discover Georgia. We get them to the most amazing places in the country; we offer them the most delicious food and the best wine you can find in Caucasus and we will do our best to make a memorable and extraordinary experience for everyone. From Georgian traditional folk music and dance festivals, to educational cultural events, all we do abroad is to keep the Georgian culture alive in other part of the world! The momentum in our company is driven by people who are enthusiastic, creative and customer-oriented. Every morning we come to work to offer you a dream; a dream that makes your life exceptional.