Awarding Parthner

Taking photos is a big challenge and it always requires consolidating the technical knowledge of the equipment and vision. My work and all of my projects are based on the vision. Taking further step forward for photography is traveling and ability to describe places in images/photographs. My page is the main source of my photos and videos taken in different parts of the world like Paris, Rio de Janeiro (Brasilia), Wien, Maldives, Prague, Budapest, Dubai (UAE), Qatar as well as amazing shots of different regions of Georgia. On the site you may find one of the innovative videos taken by Timelapse Photography technique. Also video project named “Aerial Georgia” was introduced last year and it consists aerial video materials shot in different parts of the Georgia by drone. This video sits on the first place if you search “Georgia” on Youtube. The latest innovative project I have introduced is the 360 degree photography using Drone. My videos and photos has been used and shared by hundreds of Travel Companies and I am receiving many requests from different international media and travel companies for using these materials.