Restaurant ”Sirajkhana” having a unique history is located in the basement of the Orbeliani palace where the Orbeliani family owned a famous wine cellar centuries ago. This famous wine cellar was discussed by the 19th century Tbilisi.
Nowadays the wine restaurant “Sirajkhana” being arranged in historical building makes a very attractive meeting venue for tourists with its distinctive architecture and concept.

Sirajkhana is a modern wine restaurant with its individual cuisine, inspired by the blend of two different cultures, which puts us back to the past, when Persian gastronomy had its influence on the Georgian food. After reviewing and studying numerous publications and newspapers released in the 19th – 20th centuries, as well as talking to historians and masters of traditional wine, we have created the restaurant concept with modern touches added, we have collected unique wines, placed in a cozy and distinctive interior and sweetened by the Tbilisi city music, we have developed a Georgian-Persian cuisine copyright and thus created a conceptually distinctive restaurant that has become a part of the Georgian gastronomic tourism.