Welcome to Georgia!

Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards is the Annual Awards Ceremony, which is held in Georgia for the field of tourism and hospitality since 2015. The main mission of the Project is to encourage tourism and hospitality industry in Georgia and promote the awareness of the high-achieving tourism business and brands that create a positive image of the country worldwide.

Awards Ceremony is an opportunity to bring together national and local authorities, hotels, restaurants, tour operators, travel agencies, wine companies and more. It is a kind of “Oscar” for Georgian tourism and hospitality industry and the reason to celebrate Georgian heritage, culture, traditions and modern achievements.

The Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards is a good challenge for companies working in this field and should motivate them to increase their creativity and experience in providing the best service. Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards is an elite honor to be awarded to the very best members of tourism in the country.

The Project has a big support from the government and from the private businesses. Georgian National Tourism Administration of  The Ministry of Economics and Sustainable Development of Georgia is a Co-organizer. Tbilisi City Hall and Partnership Fund are Official Supporters. Bank of Georgia – Co-organizer of this Project. Alliance Group – General Sponsor.

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