Borjomi Likani

Awarding Parthner

Luxury 5 star Hotel Borjomi Likani is located in the middle of the coniferous park in Borjomi city, famous of its naturally carbonated mineral water from springs in the Borjomi Gorge of central Georgia. Hotel Borjomi Likani is located on the former territory of once popular Sanatorium of 4th department in Likani. The territory located over 43 hectares has long been known for its unique, healing, breathtaking flora and fauna, rejuvenation, health procedures and the highest quality of service.Goal of the Borjomi Likani is to create ideal place, where the many years of experience, traditions and modern standards will be perfectly combined and where our guests will get comfortable, perfect vacation and enjoy our health improvement procedures.“

The famous Summer Palace of Russian royal Romanovs’ Family resided on the territory of the hotel is another reason for the guests to visit Borjomi Likani complex.