Awarding Parthner

Restaurant “Barbarestan” represents a fine results of newly understanding a book “Complete Cooking” published in 1914 by XIX century writer Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze. The most important person of her epoch – a writer, feminist, poet – hosts you in 21 st century Tbilisi and suggests excellent cooking, which combines European and Asian tastes and colors, as Tbilisi does itself. Guests will be met by convenient environment, Georgian tunes and dishes made of natural products. At Barbare’s you will be hosted by Kurasbediani family with 11 children, family members, brand chief and “Gastronaut” restaurators’ team. You enter in convenient, tasteful environment, XIX century atmosphere reminding itself with black and white photos, vintage furniture, beautiful interior, carefully planned details and invite you to the gastronomic travel. Everything genius is always newsworthy, as well as in case of books and naturally in case of culinary, moreover at Barbare’s you will taste not only dishes, you will taste epoch and culture.