Wine Yard N1

Awarding Parthner

Wine Yard N1 is a family type tourist destination located in the village Akhalsopeli, Kvareli district, Kakheti Region (historical old Gavazi).
The object combines wine, agro, gastro, eco, ethno tourism concept and includes three generations wine cellar, house and yard.
Our family invites you into our home to show and submerge you in traditional Kakhetian family life, including our famous Supra – feast followed with Toastmaster -Tamada, unique Qvevri wine produced by traditional method, home cooked food, folklore, agricultural traditions, and so on.
“Feel at home” – is our motto.
Our guests are invited to visit our wine cellar that has been in use for three generations, pour wine directly from a traditional Qvevri and enjoy drinking it.Other activities that we offer are making Churchkhela, baking bread, cooking master classes, horse riding, visiting a trout farm and fishing, a picnic in the valley and other agricultural activities.
Guests can relax and rest in hammocks in our beautiful green garden with a wide variety of flowers, roses and fruit trees.
The balcony of our two-story house offers breathtaking views of the Caucasus Mountains, which our guest welcome to enjoy.