Ethno Tsiskvili

Awarding Parthner

Ethno-Tsiskvili’ is a restaurant space that emerged from the Georgian culture, the entire essence of which is connected with the Georgian roots, culture and time-honoured customs. The high-class restaurant was founded in 2002 and since then it has not lost its significance.

The Georgian spirit is felt in each corner of the restaurant. The museum exhibits, used to arrange the interior, would tell you short stories of Georgian history from the ancient period to the present day.

The exterior is as impressive as the interior with its natural waterfall, due to which the mill has been functioning so far. This is the place where the story of ‘Tsiskvili Group’ begins.

In addition to the delicious traditional Georgian dishes of ‘Ethno-Tsiskvili’, one can enjoy the diversity of Georgian folklore and dances, as well as charisma that together leave unforgettable impressions on each guest.