Borjomi Likani

Awarding Parthner

Hotel Borjomi Likani is located on the former territory of once popular Sanatorium of 4th department in Likani. Guests from all over the USSR used to gather here to spend time with family and friends and receive the benefits of the Health procedures offered, due to the curative effect of the Borjomi water. The famous SummerPalace of Russianroyal Romanovs’ Family located on the territory of the hotel is another reason for the guests to visit Borjomi Likani complex. The palace is under renovation today and soon will open its doors to all the guests. The Borjomi LikaniHotel features 151 comfortable rooms with stupendous view to the surroundings and modern amenities. The hotel ideally blends all tastes of the Caucasian and European cuisine, providing open buffet, as well as standard menu services. The two restaurants and bar of Borjomi Likani Hotel are the place of culinary joy in the deluxe atmosphere.