Puri Guliani

Awarding Parthner

Puri Guliani – this is what our ancestors called pastries that they earnestly created all over Georgia with variety of fillings. These pastries were later shared with important and beloved people, marking the significance of the dishes. That’s why we call our Sakhabazo (bakery) and kitchen – Puri Guliani – where we bring history to life and contribute to the everlasting tradition of the development of Georgian baking.

The concept of Puri Guliani is the sequence of the stuffed pastry, the times when our ancestors first stuffed dough and baked it. Here you feel that the continuity of that history which has taken a modern shape. Our products and each piece of dough hides its original sacred meaning and a discovery for our guests. This is the history we are inspired with and our goal is to inspire the new generation as well.